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Sample College Coach Emails

When constructing a letter to a college coach, keep these tips in mind:


1.Most every coach now relies on e-mail to both contact and receive contact from potential recruits. That is the preferred method of communication. To find out the e-mail addresses for the coaches you are looking to contact, simply go to the college’s athletic website and look for a staff listing of names and e-mails or ask your Recruiting Coach.

2. Be brief. Coaches at all levels receive dozens and dozens of e-mails/letters from high school-aged players. All you are trying to do is show you have interest, pass along all of your contact information, your resume, and provide each coach with an upcoming schedule of your matches so he can see you play. Always include a link to your scouting report, it has all of this information!

3. NEVER have one of your parents write to a coach. You are the one the coach might be recruiting, so he/she wants to hear from you directly. (If the relationship develops and it appears that you might be attending that college, they’ll be plenty of time for your parents to have contact with the coaching staff.)

4. Provide contact information for yourself and your coach (es). Nothing is worse for a college coach than to have to track down your coach’s e-mail or phone number. By having both an e-mail address and a phone number listed after his/her name, it allows for the college coach to quickly e-mail or call your private and/or high school coach to follow up.

5. Always include basic information about yourself such as grad year, high school, athletic history, GPA, SAT/ACT scores. Tell the coach why you are a good fit for their program based on research you might have done..

6. Do not send a form letter that starts out with “Dear Coach” and does not mention anything specific about his/her program and school. The bulk of your email will be kept the same for correspondence you send out to various coaching staff; however a portion of it should be personalized. Bring in something specific about it that you learned by going through the website. State your interest in the school and specific reasons (like “my Dad went to Madison and I want to carry on the tradition” or whatever fits you personally) This is your chance to show off your personality!

7. Detail is important! Be sure that you use spell check and proper English. This is a reflection of your ability.




Ph #: ___________

Email: _____________


(Head Coach Full Name)

(College Name)


(state, city, zip)


Dear Coach (Head Coach Last Name):

I’m writing to introduce myself and to inquire about (College Name) and your softball program. I’m beginning my junior year in high school and it my desire to play collegiate softball once I graduate in (Graduation Date).

I would like to invite you watch me play at the (enter any College showcase namesor tournaments with dates and locations)

I currently play softball for both (High School Name) and (Travel Team Name). My primary position is (enter Position), but I also play (name other positions). I have enclosed the copy of my resume describing my athletic experience, academic and personal information. I am in a college prep program and my GPA is 4.31. I plan on taking my SAT’s in the fall and spring. I plan to major in (enter major of interest). I would appreciate more information on (enter college name). I will need some financial aid for my education so I am researching all available resources including grants, loans, scholarships and work-studies. What type of aid program does (enter college name)? I am working on my videotape and I will send you a copy when it is completed in the early spring. I look forward to hearing more about (enter College Name) and hoping you will watch me play in either of the tournaments.